The Trickle Down Effects of Unattended Sewer Line Repair Needs

Outstanding local plumbers available for sewer line repair in Laguna HillsAt Laguna Hills Swift Plumbing we’re not saying you have to bow to the sewer Gods, but you have to admit it’s one of the areas of your home where you hope and pray for the best. A burst water main or clogged pipes are one thing, but when you’re talking about human waste, gray water, and other issues requiring sewer line repair there are some real significant aftereffects to consider.  It’s one of the many reasons we recommend our Laguna Hills area customers call us at the first sign of sewer line issues.

Health Issues

Since your sewer line runs from your home out to a septic line or a city main, any cracks or leaks could lead to waste bubbling up on your lawn. Exposure to harmful bacteria can be toxic and the contents could actually infiltrate your drinking water – not a good situation. This is why early sewer line repair as well as preventative measures such as maintenance and inspection are so important.

Property Damage

If your sewer line is clogged that waste will eventually backflow into your home. Never mind the odors associated with a sewage backup, there are health risks as well which is why cleaning is not an effective option. Most often homeowners are forced to remove and replace everything that has come in contact with the sewage backup including flooring, ceiling, walls, personal effects and more.

Sinkholes, Home Shifting, and More

There is more than just the exposure of a backed up sewer line to deal with. When any water line is leaking for an extended period of time it compromises the soil around it. In this instance the soil around your foundation starts to shift and in turn your home follows suit. Drywall cracks, flooring buckles, windows and doors no longer open, and overall your life becomes miserable.

Don’t leave it to chance, give Laguna Hills Swift Plumbing a call at the first sign of sewage line issues or for an inspection to make sure none of these problems are present.

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