Laguna Hills Home Faucet Repair Services

Why is my faucet dripping? That’s a great question. Laguna Hills Swift Plumbing helps homeowners answer this question every single day because nothing is quite as irritating as a leaky faucet – well, except taxes. Nothing in life trumps taxes, but we digress. . .

There a many reasons why your faucet may not be working the way it should. In general, most kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub and shower faucets because something on the inside is broken. This could be a gasket, valve seat, O-ring, washer, or some other component that is critical to the fixture’s function. Corrosion is another reason for leaks. The best way to determine exactly what is wrong with your faucet is to hire a plumbing service in Laguna Hills to come out and scrutinize the situation.

When Should I Consider Replacing My Faucet?

There are two instances to consider kitchen or bathroom faucet replacement. When you want to upgrade your faucets, or when the cost to repair exceeds the cost to replace. Although you may be tempted to replace an old faucet, sometimes it really is more beneficial in the long run to purchase a new faucet. You won’t have to worry about it leaking all the time, and when you take advantage of our bathroom and kitchen faucet installation services, you are covered by our 100% guarantee.

When one of our local plumbers arrives at your home, he will examine your faucets and provide you with repair or replacement suggestions. Regardless of what the plumber suggests, remember we are always here to save you money! We’ll never try to get you to buy something you don’t need.

Call us today for help with laundry room faucets, washing machine hookups, garbage disposal replacement, outside water faucets, and all your interior home faucet repair needs.